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Published Stories

WALKING ON RIPPLES (2014) includes five short stories: “Lost Notes”, “The Fishing Log”, “Water, Some of It Deep”, “Dark Stripe” and “Undertow”. LOST NOTES (1st edition 2004 – 2nd edition 2013) contains sixteen short stories: “Miracle at the Point”, “Broken Heroes”, “The Mirror Cracked”, “Overload”, “Walk With Me”, “Flying Kites”, “Something Small”, “Uplands”, “Oblivion Fade”, “In Blueberry Hill”, “Zoom-Time”, “Needs Want as Needs Must”, “Everyone This, Nobody That”, “Boy with the Shine on His Face”, “Lost Notes” and “Swansong”. ALIENATIONS (1998) features six tales: “Overload”, “Zoom-Time”, “Something Small”, “There Be Dragons”, “The Last Playground” and “The Cult of the Child”. BROKEN HEROES (1995) includes eight: “Lost Notes”, “Shelter”, “The Mirror Cracked”, “Broken Heroes”, “Uplands”, “Flying Kites”, “Undertow” and “The Tip and Tell Man”. To find out more about these, click on the Two Chapbooks tab above. Short stories have also appeared in the following anthologies:


A RUSTLE OF DARK LEAVES  (2012)  USA  “South Lake Road”

BOX OF DELIGHTS  (2011)  Ireland  “Sympathy for the Devil”

CENSUS 3  (2012)  Ireland  “Collateral Damage”

CORK LITERARY REVIEW  (2 – both 2007)  Ireland  “Pay-Per-View Visions” & “A is for Adjustment”

DARK VISIONS Vol 2  (2013)  USA  “Water, Some of It Deep”

DECADE 1: THE BEST OF ALBEDO ONE  (2016)  Ireland  “Overload”


DOOMOLOGY  (2011)  USA  “Key to the City”

EMERALD EYE  (2005)  Ireland  “Everyone This, Nobody That”

FORGING FREEDOM II  (2015)  USA  “Collateral Damage”

HORROR WITHOUT VICTIMS  (2013)  UK  “We Do Things Differently Here” – this story received an Honourable Mention in Ellen Datlow’s renowned “YEAR’S BEST 2013” anthology


TIME OUT  (1993)  UK  “The Last Resort”


and in these magazines and e-zines *

ALBEDO ONE  Ireland  (9):

“Pathotoxic”  #1  (Summer 1993)

“Walk With Me”  #2  (Autumn 1993)

“The Mirror Cracked”  #4  (Spring 1994)

“In Blueberry Hill”  #10  (March 1996)

“The Gravity Pool”  #12  (December 1996)

“Overload”  #17  (September 1998)

“Drowning in the Desert”  #23  (July 2001)

“The King is Dead”  #30  (August 2005  –  published as “The Wonder of Rocks”)

“Night of Our Red Eye”  #42  (October 2012)

AUGURIES  #15  (Winter 1991)  UK:

“The Fourteenth Experiment”

BLACK ROSE  #1  (January 1998)  Ireland:

“Circadian Rhythms”

COLD PRINT  #5  (August 2001)  UK:

“Oblivion Fade”

DEMENTIA 13  #4  (Autumn 1990)  UK:


THE DREAM CELL  #1  (February 1991)  UK:


ELECTRIC WINE  webzine  (March 2000)  USA:

“Oblivion Fade”

FABLES  webzine  (March 2001)  USA:

“White Flame of Ealga”

FINGERPOST  Vol 11 #1  (July-August 1995)   Northern Ireland:

“Seedier Aspects”  –  (published as “Jumping Ship”)

FIRST CLASS  #13  (March 2000)  USA:


FOCUS  #28  (late 1995)  UK:

“Needs Want as Needs Must”

FREUDIAN VARIANT  #1  (April 1998)  UK:

“South Lake Road” 

FTL  Ireland  (4):

“Undertow”  #3  (Winter 1989)

“Uplands”  #4  (Spring 1990)

“Shelter”  #6  (Autumn 1990)

“Lease of Life”  #10  (Autumn 1991)

GENTLE READER  #17  (January 2000)  UK:

“Healer in the Meadows”

HAPPY HARRY  #4  (Summer 1994)  Greece:

“Korsakoff’s Psychosis”  –  as Greek translation

HERE AND NOW  #7  (Winter 2005)  UK:

“Pick Me Up”

IRELAND’S EYE  Ireland  (4):

“Frankie Gets a Burn”  #96  (October 1988)

“Weddings and Wills”  #255  (March 2002)

“Eyes Can See”  #338  (February 2009)

“Roving Brief”  #352  (April 2010)

IRELAND’S OWN  #4,690  (September 17 1999)  Ireland:

“Weddings and Wills”

MIDNIGHT STREET  #14  (Autumn/Winter 2010)  UK:

“Inner Visions”

NASTY PIECE OF WORK  #4  (July 1997)  UK:

“Trick of the Light”

OG’S SPECULATIVE FICTION  #26  (September 2010)  USA:

“September 2nd”

OMEGA  #1  (February 2003)  UK:

“White Flame of Ealga”

PENINSULAR MAGAZINE  #27  (July 2002)  UK:

“Eyes Can See”

PHASE ONE  (Spring 1993)  Ireland:

“No Longer Wasted”

PSEUDOPOD  Flash on the Borderlands XXXII  (Podcast July 29 2016)  USA:

 “Dead Alive Imagine”

QUANTUM REALITIES  Vol 1 #1  (September 2012)  USA:


ROMANCE AND BEYOND  #11  (June 2001)  USA:

“Question of Balance”

SCHEHERAZADE  #28  (November 2005)  UK:

“Cool Tiled Floors”

THE SECONDARY TEACHER  Vol 17 #4  (Winter 1988)  Ireland:

“Lease of Life”


“Revolution”  #1  (Spring 1996)

“Prisoners of Our Own Desire”  #2  (Summer 1996)

SPACE AND TIME  #129  (Summer 2017)  USA:

“The Street” 

SPECTRUM  (April-May 1986)  Ireland:

“Roving Brief”  –  (published as “One Sunday Afternoon”)

STET  #9  (Spring 1992)  Ireland:

“The Last Resort”

THREADS  #3  (April 1994)  UK:

“No Longer Wasted”

U MAGAZINE  (November 1991)  Ireland:


UNHINGED  #5  (March 2000)  UK:

“Healer in the Meadows”

VISION  #17  (Autumn 1993)  USA:


WOMAN’S WAY  Ireland  (2):

“Platform of Persuasion”  Vol 30 #48  (January 1 1993)

“Healer in the Meadows”  Vol 37 #28  (July 16 1999  –  as “Learning to Smile Again”)

WRITINGS  #2  (April 1997)  Ireland:

“Seedier Aspects”


Also, articles, reviews and review columns, and an interview, have appeared in FIRST CONTACT, ISFA NEWSLETTER, PHASE, MATRIX, and ALBEDO ONE publications and website.*

*Some of these stories and articles have been published under a pseudonym.

The above lists do not include the two short stories “The Gravity Pool” and “The Fourteenth Experiment” which were also published as part of the novella ARKON CHRONICLES. Neither do they include the three awards – the Aisling Gheal, the Maurice Walsh or the Molly Keane – for which the stories “No Longer Wasted”, “Lost Notes” and “On the Waterbus” were shortlisted and/or won.



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