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The infamous gap in the Hodges Figgis shelves - to find out more go to the 'Old MySpace Blogs' on the toolbar and scroll right down to the end to read the blog entry called 'As I Was Walking Down Dawson Street'

With Albedo One editors John Kenny and Bob Neilson outside Copenhagen Town Hall, September 2007


A suitably dark and grainy photo of Albedo One'rs Frank Ludlow, John Kenny and Bob Neilson in Tramore, November 22, 2008

With the late Bryan MacMahon at the Maurice Walsh Award ceremony in Kerry in 1995

Speaking at the launch of Albedo issue 17, George Hotel, Dublin, September 1998

At the trig stone on top of Slieve Foye in 2010


Book signing in Copenhagen, September 2007 (both Copenhagen photos: Peter McClean)

With novelist Donal Maloney and poet Maeve O Sullivan at a reading in Chapters Bookstore, May 2011


Standing room only in Chapters, May 2011 (both Chapters photos: Samara Alkhaled)


Turners Cross - the home of Cork City FC. I had to put this photo up!


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