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Lost Notes

Here is the first edition of the short story collection LOST NOTES

which appeared from Aeon Press in February 2004:


And here is the new second edition, published also by Aeon Press, in December 2013:

(purchase details at the bottom of this page)

Lost Notes2013front

Lost Notes2013back

Published quotes on some of the stories in LOST NOTES:


To find out a little more about what the title story “Lost Notes” is about, click on the ‘Awards’ button on the menu bar.

Available for 10 euro (or 8 UK Sterling or 14 US dollars) – incl P+P!

from: Albedo, 2 Post Road, Lusk, Co Dublin, Ireland

or pay 10 euro (or 8 UK Sterling or 14 US dollars – incl P+P!

via Paypal to: dmbc(at)gofree(dot)indigo(dot)ie

(following Paypal payment just email your postal address

to the e-address above and the book will be mailed to you)



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  1. Christine Keleny / May 2 2012 7:38 pm

    Nice Job David!

  2. David Murphy / May 2 2012 8:38 pm

    Thanks, Christine. Much appreciated!

  3. David Murphy / Nov 7 2014 6:08 pm

    That’s great, Frank. Thanks for the plug on the Albedo One site – the plug is hidden below this comment in among the rocky terrain. See if you can spot it.


  1. Lost Notes by David Murphy, 2nd Edition | Albedo One

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