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DAVID MURPHY Contact me at: dmbc(at)gofree(dot)indigo(dot)ie


Albedo One Magazine for the best in speculative fiction, reviews, comment and interviews not to mention the Aeon Award and Aeon Press – publisher of LOST NOTES and BROKEN HEROES.


THE LIFFEY PRESS Ireland’s best publisher! Publisher of WALKING ON RIPPLES.


DAMNATION BOOKS (US publisher of BIRD OF PREY). The book can be accessed here.


PIPERS’ ASH UK independent press. Publisher of ALIENATIONS.

(Link no longer operative – Pipers’ Ash appears to have gone the way of many small publishers)



(SLP is now defunct – link taken over these days by a vanity publisher, so avoid!)




IRISH WRITERS ONLINE Philip Casey’s excellent database of Irish writers & writers’ resources.


NICHOLAS WHYTE surveys all that is Irish-based in fantasy and science fiction.


LISA DUMOND MEviews for the latest reviews.


CAROLE DI TOSTI an excellent site for writers and all those interested in writing.


P-CON a site for P-Con (Phoenix Convention) held in Dublin each year in March.

(P-Con appears to be dead – will it ever arise from the ashes?)


MUNSTER LITERATURE CENTRE – website and database for Munster writers.


OCTOCON another Irish annual science fiction, fantasy and horror convention.


EUROCON the european convention of SF and related genres,Dublin Aug 22-24 2014. The website for the 2016 Barcelona Eurocon is here.


SEVEN TOWERS AGENCY – a great home for Irish writers.


LINKED IN a good networking site.


MYSPACE for what it’s worth, an old webpage – anything of interest on it is already up on this WordPress site.


CULTURE IRELAND helping Irish writers to reach a wider audience.


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