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Read about WALKING ON RIPPLES in The Irish Times here.


There I was the night before Halloween tinkering with a pair of new short stories when up popped the Muse. She struck me hard, not with further inspiration for the stories I was working on, but with an idea for a whole new book. For twelve months I’ve been writing short non-fiction articles – four have already seen publication online, one in print. I’ve come up with a scheme to link them together, plus others in the pipeline. I still have to work it all out but the basis is there for a book-length work, mainly (but not entirely) non-fiction along the lines of WALKING ON RIPPLES – not about fishing this time, I promise. I’ve written first drafts of less than two chapters thus far. It will probably be January before I have a polished sample plus synopsis and fully formed lay-out ready to present as a viable project. Watch out world.


The 77th World Science Fiction Convention will be held in Dublin in August 2019 – an Irish Worldcon, can you believe it? This amazing event will take place in the National Convention Centre on the banks of the Liffey. Let’s hope the venue can cope with anticipated crowds – last month’s Worldcon in Finland attracted over 10,000 registered members. Nearer the time we can expect lots of publicity. Most of the media will concentrate on photos of Klingons and Starship Troopers, the usual hype. Let’s hope there’ll be a related rise among the general reading public in Irish speculative fiction. We have a glorious tradition in that regard: from Swift through Dunsany, Stoker, Wilde, Beckett, O’Brien, etc, right up to modern writers.

More good news: it’s almost certain that in conjunction with the Irish Worldcon, the 2019 Eurocon will take place in Belfast the following weekend. August 2019 will be buzzing!


Discovered my Kindle no longer connects to Amazon; that’s maybe no bad thing. Perhaps age has something to do with failure to connect – the Kindle’s age, not mine. Doesn’t matter as I had downloaded about seventy items, mainly books of course, into it over the years; many of these remained unopened until recently. Now I’m in the middle of two 19th century books about India, specifically the Himalayan foothills. Typical, I wait until after visiting the place before reading about it. I did read Arundhati Roy’s THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS years ago but that’s fiction. Now I’m almost finished Kipling’s classic PLAIN TALES FROM THE HILLS  (published in 1888) and well into COMPLETE HIMALAYAN JOURNALS by the famous botanist-adventurer Joseph Dalton Hooker (1854). Both works are timeless, fresh as ever.

JD Hooker led an amazing life. He travelled with Ross to the Antarctic as well as visiting Africa, North America, and other parts. He also climbed higher in the Himalaya than the summit of the Matterhorn, which, astonishingly, had yet to be conquered at that time. On a down-note he was partly responsible for the introduction of the dreaded rhododendron, scourge of the Irish countryside, to this region of the world. Also on a downer, I note that Arundhati Roy’s new novel, belated follow-up to SMALL THINGS, has been panned by many reviewers, some of whom are adopting a revisionist stance and claiming that SMALL THINGS is not as good as they originally believed it to be. Nonsense. THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS is a fabulous read. If you missed it when it came out, go on – indulge.


A contributor’s copy of the latest issue of The Stinging Fly plopped onto my doorstep yesterday. Book-sized with a wonderful gatefold cover it has the feel and weight of a hefty tome rather than a magazine. One look at the names and contents ensures there’s going to be some great summer reading within its 224 pages. Launch date is Wednesday May 17 at 6.30 pm in Hodges Figgis of Dawson Street, Dublin. The plan is to adjourn to a nearby pub (location to be confirmed) after the launch so a very good night might be in line for all.


Next time on a long-haul flight ignore the hypnotic touch-screen on the back of the seat in front of you. Outward-bound on an eight hour trip, my head began to spin from the hundreds of films, albums, concerts and general TV on offer – not to mention the flight progress map showing our airplane wending its way slowly (very slowly) across the globe. By the time we landed my head ached from all these choices and all this technology, the digital detritus of our modern throwaway world. On the return flight I ignored the screen entirely and spent the time in the company of a good book, the ideal way to make a flight pass soothingly and painlessly. This outburst of happiness was brought to me by Don DeLillo’s FALLING MAN, a great and unforgettable novel about 9/11. There you are then: next long-haul bring along a good read in your carry-on bag – and for a review of the superb Mr DeLillo click here


Plenty of poetry news at the moment. Delighted to have a poem in THE OGHAM STONE 2017, literary and visual arts journal of the University of Limerick launched in early February at Doolin Writers’ Weekend. Giles Foden, in his introduction to the anthology, has a good thing to say about the poem in an excellent article that deals with weighty topics such as ‘textual patterning’ and the distinction between literary language and ordinary language. I have another poem coming up in The Stinging Fly, in an issue to be published later this year. Meanwhile Hildy Silverberg of Space and Time Magazine contacted me to confirm that the short story “The Street” will appear in issue 129 scheduled for release late summer this year.


That Limerick reading turned out to be another great night. Thirty people showed up – not bad for the second Tuesday in January. They do things well on Shannonside. As ever, thanks to Dominic Taylor and kudos to the legendary Tom Muldowney for chairing the event. Well now 2017 is a brand new calendar, making it 2¼ years since WALKING ON RIPPLES was published by the Liffey Press. It’s been a great couple of years of radio interviews, readings, invitations to the festival circuit and excellent reviews. The reading invitations keep on coming, yet in some ways the time has come to release WALKING ON RIPPLES into the great wild river where all loved books go when the time comes to set them free and move on to the next project. In my local boozer recently I was asked ‘How’s the book going?’ – meaning the next one. After a brief discussion with the barflies it was agreed by all that my writing needs something like a strategic plan. So there you are: I’m off to work on a strategic plan, whatever that is. More publishing news when it happens.

All of last year’s posts are now on the News  Archive 2016-2011 page above.



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  1. Frank / Jan 31 2011 11:44 am

    Hi Dave,

    Good work on the new site!


    • David Murphy / Feb 3 2011 3:50 pm

      Thanks, Frank. WordPress is a whole lot easier on the eye than MySpace.

  2. Sam / Feb 6 2011 3:51 pm

    Looks the biz Dave. Good luck with it!!

  3. Adam Jones / Mar 27 2011 12:58 am

    Refreshing review! Great stuff.

  4. David Murphy / Mar 27 2011 12:38 pm

    There’s been a huge amount of hits on that review, Adam. Next time I post a review, hopefully soon, I’ll start up a reviews section and put them all together on a dedicated page rather than on the news page. At the moment my reviews are in different places. For instance, there’s a bad, and I mean BAD, review of the TV series ‘Lost’ in among the ‘Thirteen MySpace Blogs’ up on the toolbar. I’ll try to keep the new review page, when I get it started, confined to visual media.

  5. jamesosbornenovels / Sep 13 2012 8:04 pm

    Hi David
    Enjoyed your blog. Plan to check in regularly — I signed up to follow. Hope you’ll check out the short stories on my blog and perhaps follow also — are novels and short stories seem to be of are of similar genres.

  6. Alex Bardy / May 23 2013 2:00 pm

    Hiya David,

    There’s no obvious way to contact you through the website, so just thought I’d let you know that I have in fact reviewed your book, Bird of Prey, for the BFS (British Fantasy Society) — I sent it in a few weeks back but have no idea when it’ll finally appear on the website, so please accept my apologies for that. Fingers crossed, it;ll appear some time soon.

    Keep up the good work,


  7. David Murphy / May 23 2013 3:02 pm

    Great to hear from you, Alex. I look forward to that “Bird of Prey” review at the BFS!
    And I’ll add clearer contact details to the top of this page.

  8. Sam de Man / Jul 1 2013 8:18 am

    Well Dave
    You are brave to have….
    Revelation but opened
    Inner self to rid …. The mortal
    Of the not ignoble
    TRUTH .

    (Der won’t b all dat much slaggin….. Really)

    • David Murphy / Jul 1 2013 10:57 am

      Slaggin? I forgot about that. The slaggin of purveyors of poterey will only be allowed by those who put a pint on the pote’s table before they start their slaggin.

      • Sam de Man / Jul 1 2013 12:12 pm

        Sure it’s de drink
        dat ….
        has u..
        I de way u

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